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Re: Persuade Your Way To Profits
From: Louis Di Bianco


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Diana Frerick

Louis, I love your Persuasion Genie training! In all the years of sales and network marketing training I've been exposed to, this is so original and powerful! I attended a party the other night where I didn't know many people. I went specifically to practice some of the skills you taught me. I worked the room and a man I spoke with called me, "an amazing conversationalist". WOW! Talk about making strong connections for my business!

Diana Frerick, Professional Network Marketer
Scott Beckett

Louis Di Bianco's Persuasion Genie completely changed the way I communicate. It gave me a new ability to create instant rapport with my customers and prospects. now, I can win people's trust immediately. What really blows my mind is the new power I have to quickly make strong human connections on the phone. What a powerful way to build relationships and attract new business!

Scott Beckett, President - Screamin Express Inc
Gregory Dobson

As a financial planner, I always did my homework and knew how to present the facts. The sad truth is that facts don't make people take action. Louis Di Bianco taught me how to attract people to my business by present the facts with irresistible stories that arouse their emotions. The first time I applied the powerful techniques you'll learn in Persuasion Genie, 60% more people said YES to my offer!

Gregory Dobson, Financial Consultant - Investors Group
Lynn Woodman

Louis Di Bianco understands the importance of storytelling to powerfully connect with people and move them to action. Louis helped me become a more dynamic  authentic communicator. I use his Frankenstein template for presentations all the time. I even teach it to my clients! persuasion Genie will help you hit the bullseye with your sales message and have a lot of fun doing it.

Lynn Woodman, Director - VoicePower - Voice & Speech - Presentation and Public Speaking Coach
Barak Queija

I'm a financial planner. I have a lot to offer my clients. My challenge use to be getting people to see the full value of what I can offer them. That's because my "story" was all about facts and numbers. Louis Di Bianco's Persuasion Genie techniques changed all of that. I learned to present my "true story" of wealth creation and financial freedom in a way that engages my prospects, gets them excited and moves them to book appointments with me. I now have the confidence to tell my story powerfully to an audience of any size.

I've also gained the skills of thinking clearly and calmly on my feet, so that I can handle any question or objection, and turn it into a win for me and my audience. I can honestly say that I have no trouble attracting business now. In fact, my closing ratio for attracting eager prospective clients has increased 40% because of what I've learned from Louis Di Bianco.

Barak Queija, Bsc. CLU - Division Director, Investors Group
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